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ID·Assist works by ensuring the general public has immediate access to the 'Broadcast Alert' information vital to a missing person search or identification efforts. It can also be set up to allow special access for police via their own computer network on request. Safe Return Home also contains essential background medical information about the 'at risk' person to alert police and
emergency services to medical attention needs.

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ID Products below are still available for sale.

ID Products

Safe Return Home also supplies ID products, including medical alert bracelets, wristbands,
pendants and other accessories for those wanting to store on-person vital medical and
identification information in case of an emergency.

Wearing an easily seen and accessible I.D product can provide this essential voice when you are unable to communicate for yourself, to ensure vital medical and contact information is quickly given to those who come to your aid (e.g. school staff, event staff, fellow workers, allied health professionals, medical staff, the police). Products supplied by Safe Return Home include:
SOS Talisman Medilog Vital ID
SOS Talisman Bracelets MediLog Vital ID
Swiss made and intricately engineered to provide a highly durable range. View product range and pricing here. Provide a range of stylish, beautifully crafted, long lasting high quality products that include a wallet card that can be used to list important medical conditions and contact information. View product range and pricing here. Perfect for kids, during sporting activities, cyclists (helmet I.D), tradesman and site workers (helmet I.D). View product range and pricing here.

If you need assistance please contact our dedicated I.D product experts at

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