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How the system works

How does the Safe Return Home System Work?

Safe Return Home is a secure and confidential national data system that contains the relevant details necessary to assist police in finding or identifying an 'at risk person'. The system is available 24 hours, every day from any location in Australia.

All information is provided by the carers, including demographic details and any relevant medical or behavioural information that may assist in the locating or identification of the person concerned. A high-resolution photograph (suitable for mass distribution in a range of mediums) is also included. Carers control what information is supplied and how it is used. The system operates as follows:

  • People can be added onto the system via a completion of a mailed application form or via an online registration system.
  • A recent colour photo is required that allows a full length and face image (the image must be high quality and allow for magnification).
  • The information on registrants also includes the history of any relevant behaviour and previous incidents (dates/times), including where the person was located.
  • Optionally, the system provides information regarding the persons medical practitioner, critical health conditions and medications, level of memory and disorientation, independent living skills capabilities, any behaviours of concern and suggested management approaches.
  • The registration is under the control of carers - they provide the information they want and can edit this via the private area of the public web site. Carers have access to their relative’s details only.