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For People at risk of becoming lost

If you have a loved one or support people of any age with orientation and memory problems or psychological needs, then the Safe Return Home ID·Assist system is designed to assist you.  Safe Return Home consists of an internet database to store relevant details to help with the location and identification of a person who is at risk of wandering (for example a person with Alzheimer's disease or dementia).  You can also purchase a high quality Medical ID Product such as the SOS Talisman for on-person identification. In the case of an emergency these products help avoid panic or the rush of organising important details needed by Police. 

The Safe Return Home ID·Assist system allows you to deliver an immediate response to Police in the case of an emergency.  Once Police are informed of a missing person episode (via phone or email directly from the web site) they can search the database and broadcast all the relevant data on the missing individual, including photo ID to the relevant Police Units and other community services (taxi, bus and train companies; shopping centres etc). 

Registered users can enter and edit all data online.  They can also print and deliver relevant information, or email to the local Police station or Missing persons sections directly from the system.  Registered users are in complete control of the information and how it is distributed.

System Development: Who Developed the Safe Return Home System and Why?

The Safe Return Home ID·Assist system has been developed by Applied Aged Care Solutions (AACS) after considerable interest, consultation, and advice from a number of peak bodies serving the needs of a range of ‘at risk people’ and their carers. Input was also sought and received from the carers of ‘at risk’ individuals living in the community.

Currently, there are no state-wide or national systems in Australia that can provide the depth and breadth of service offered by the Safe Return Home system.  Although some local data systems are in operation, these are generally run by volunteers or as an ancillary service. As such, they frequently do not meet the growing demand for professional standards, particularly in relation to a national system with the capacity to provide secure storage of up-to-date information that is readily accessible across all regions of Australia. 

The Safe Return Home ID·Assist System has been designed to:

  • provide an effective state-wide system with national application.
  • provide an easy to use ‘state of the art’ system for families, carers and people 'at risk'.
  • ensure that appropriate privacy standards are met and maintained.
  • allow all information collected to remain under the control of carers.
  • ensure accountability to all concerned parties (carers, Alzheimer’s Australia, Carers Australia, other peak bodies representing carers, and people with dementia).
  • encourage Police in all districts to explore the relevance of dementia support services.
  • lift the profile of dementia care issues within the community.