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System Security

Password Facility

The system is controlled by a secure password system whereby all users  have a login and password assigned to them. The login and passwords areunique for each person and they are required to be kept confidential.

Site Encryption

128-bit SSL encryption technology is used to protect usernames and passwords,is used to encrypt access to sensitive information on the website. 128-bit SSL is the same encryption used by commercial banks and is sometimes referred to as "military strength".

SSL ensures that all data, including usernames and passwords, are encrypted during transit from the user's browser to the website, and that pages containing sensitive information are not "cached" on computers (i.e. stored temporarily on computers via cookies).  SSL encryption is also used for any uploading or downloading of data directly to the database.

Audit Facilities

The database has an audit functionality so that a complete history of changes to information is tracked by person (login) and time of access. The system will also track who is accessing the database.

Server Security

The server is stored in secure and monitored facilities. Firewall and server configuration adheres towill followssecurity guidelines and industry best practices. Vendor released security patches are applied regularly.